"I am sharing the below testimonial regarding the exceptional product and service Glenrose Homes delivers to their clients and want any potential home builder or buyer to know about my experience with this premier company. Their quality and service is unparalleled!


I have had a number of homes built over the past 25 years, as well as bought numerous homes and have to say Glenrose quality as a builder beats them all! From the quality construction to the detail and craftsmanship of the trades, they shine.


My brother-in-law works as a Quality Control Manager for a home builder in Saskatoon, as well as completes any warranty work on their product. He is very particular and quite frankly I was a bit nervous for his first visit to our new Glenrose home. After about an hour of him combing the house from the downstairs furnace room to the upstairs master bedroom he came down the stairs with a smile on his face to say he had rarely seen the quality of workmanship in a home that he saw with our Glenrose home! As well as some of the unique finishings they had incorporated such things as knockdown ceilings throughout the entire house including the basement, which is a very expensive touch, beautiful moldings around the living room and dining room windows adding definition and style, granite countertops, real hardwood floors, tile everywhere and high grade carpets. My brother-in-law was so impressed he even took pictures so he could show his company when he got back to Saskatoon! Wow! I guess we passed inspection.


Additionally I would like to add any small things we needed Glenrose to complete or any concerns we had they were handled expediently! They were over within 24 hours of my call to rectify a problem, and honestly sometimes within an hour! Unheard of service for anyone who has had to call a builder on warranty work!


Comparatively, I bought a new home about five years ago and when I called that builder to return with any warranty work or concerns, my experience was awful. It was not uncommon for me to have to call a dozen or more times to get their attention and even then they usually just ignored the request.


Our sales agent, Dan Thibault was also exceptional as he ensured everything went seamlessly for us and was there every step of the way!


What a refreshing change when I went to Glenrose!


It goes without saying I LOVE this builder. ❤️❤️.


My next home, should there be one, will be with Glenrose Homes!"

Donna D. - Harbour Landing
Donna D. - Harbour Landing